It has been reported that ECB have said Durham were punished, as an example to other counties, for “financial mismanagement”.

What they have never done is answer all the howls of complaint, from every quarter, at the gross severity of the punishment, or any consideration at moderation of the so totally financially destabilising, and restricting, 10 sanctions.

There is a very well known, well applied, adage related to fairness of treatment, it is “to gain respect you have to give respect”. How can any fair-minded person ever respect a PARENT BODY which so disrespects one of its most loyal members?

A member body which has unselfishly done so much for its parent body; producing players and one of the finest county grounds in the country. ECB has many times used these wonderful players and ground to continually feather its own financial nest. Continuing to use Durham-produced players so selfishly at Durham’s expense.

We ask, failing all else, for reasonable actions and answers do not seem to forthcoming, that every fair-minded person helps us to help Durham with financial donations. This, we believe, is our last resort, and submit that every £ donated will redress the balance of fairness.

We further submit that no management organisation should, or would, ever impose sanctions that would very seriously worsen the financial position of the offending member. Every good management principle demands that a parent body should help a struggling member – not try to force it into greater financial problems, as ECB have very clearly done.

We ask why every other member county should not be raising very serious questions with ECB about the gross financial and operational mismanagement they have shown in the handling of the Durham issue Рfor such heavy handedness can fall on them next.

We do ask for your help as we try to help our beloved Durham County Cricket Club – for they do not deserve such gross punishment!

Sincere thanks

Tom Moffat MBE

For and on behalf of our Team